Organic olive oil

The olive tree, in SICILY, is one of the most representative tree, and the agricultural landscape is characterized by a traditional and secular olive growing.
In the "Giardinelli" land, situated in Bronte, at the slopes of Etna, at 740 meters above sea level, orchard plantings include Nocellare of Etna and Tonda Iblea, in the respect of biological agriculture.

The manual harvest (olivas still green) allows to preserve the fragrance of the fruit and its nutritional properties and the followin mechanical cold pressing in its mill, strictly on the same day of the harvest, allows to obtain a top quality of "extra virgin olive oil" with high content of antioxidants: it's more than a simple food table is a a valuable food, full of perfumes and nutritional qualities.

This kind of manufacturing allows the oil, in addition to a very low rate of acidity, to retain all its organoleptic properties and its quality, enhancing the flavor and the taste of foods. The "Giardinelli" extra virgin olive oil , is rich of E vitamin useful fot protection of body cell from oxidative stress and polyphenols that, in addition to the effects of antioxidants, improve fat metabolism and protect the fraction LDL from oxidative damage. The organoleptic features of "Giardinelli" olive oil are green intensive color, that over time takes a golden hues, fruitiness of olive freshly squeezed and an aromatic composition very rich and complex.