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This is our mission to produce extravirgin olive oil farming organically

Located in the territory of Bronte, in the middle of the Simeto valley, in a flood plain opposite volcano Etna , amounting about 100 ha, Giardinelli organic Farm represents one of the most important local organic olive oil company. In addition to the olive groves there is also a game reserve dominating the upper part of the Simeto valley and an impressive solar photovoltaic installation implemented on the greenhouse where we grow fruit and vegetable.
Sustainable agriculture and a more attentive and aware consumer to this topic are the concepts on which is based all production of Giardinelli extravirgin olive oil. Our company has been able to implement a production chain through an integrated system of agricultural production, that avoids to use external production factors around agriculture, favouring the management practices according the CE Regulation n. 834/07. The use of biological and mechanical cultivation methods instead of use of synthetic chemicals products (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides)both guarantees high quality and food safety of our production and contributes to improve the health of the ecosystem and, notably biodiversity, biological cycles and biological activity of soil. Olive picking, combing the ripe fruits from the trees into nets before they fall to the ground, their storage, oil mill and its bottling ohappen in the respect of traditional Mill procedure and in a machining cycle separate from not-organic olives one.

Our olive groves are farmed organically, certified by Ecogruppo Italia srl (Approved inspection body from Mi.P.A.A.F. - IT BIO 008 - D.M. n. 17340 29/07/2010) that for 3 years have assisted all production processing, transformation, bottling, labeling, storage and marketing of our extra virgin olive oil.
In our estate, 600 meters above sea level, there are about 13000 olive trees main varietal Nocellare of Etna from which we produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil through a closed loop production chain: we harvest and milled olives in our on site mill. The product is stored in rooms with controlled temperature and afterwards It is bottled and packed.