Biological foods, are produced in accordance with Regulation CE n. 834/2007 and n. 889/2008 and controlled by officials Agencies recognized and authorized by the italian Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry. These agencies have the task of monitoring the production processes in every single step of the production cycle and verify the suitability of producers that in turn should ensure a constant product quality and production methods comply with this regulations.

Certifications is the only garantee that a company can produce to prove its working on organic olive oil following restrictive procedures both in the growing of olives and in their processing in a finished good.

ECOGRUPPO ITALIA today is a controlling and certificating agency working in the eco friendly production in the agricultural field, manufacturing and services. It's located in Catania and it's got branch offices in several italian regions and throughout Europe (Moldova and Bulgaria).

For consumer quality and protection benefit , chain production e certified according UNI ISO 22005/07 laws, that garantee the whole traceability of all productions steps, ensuring to the consumer a close monitoring. That system ensures consumers about all production steps from the origin of the olives, manufacturing structures to bottling and marketing.