Award: “Quiet! Green gold speaking!”

In order to create the indispensable conditions of trust and credibility, UNASCO agency has promoted among its cardholders the access to certification of Chain production traceability UNI EN ISO 22005/08 and organized a competition “Quiet! Green gold speaking!”, whose selection is confided to mr Marco Oreggia panel.

2015: 1st prize in the ORGANIC RANK.
2018: 1st prize in the ORGANIC RANK.
2018: EVO-IOOC Silver Medal 2018.

The EVO oil traced by Sicilian Giardinelli, from the Giardinelli Agricultural Company, is an extra virgin olive oil traced, produced in Bronte, with a medium fruity aroma, with a strong and full-bodied nose, with a well-expressed and harmonious taste of bitter and spicy taste.

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